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Innovating against poverty and inequality

The Fund for Innovation in Development aims to support promising ideas with high potential for impact against poverty and inequality, rigorously evaluate their effectiveness and accelerate their deployment on a larger scale.

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Evaluating innovative initiatives in synergy with the academic world

FID finances innovative initiatives led by all types of organisations including research institutions, NGOs, governments, companies, etc. Its unique funding methodology by incremental stages is adapted to the different phases of implementation and evaluation of innovations. This facilitates the deployment of solutions with rigorously tested and validated impacts.
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Our Missions

Supporting the innovation cycle of projects

FID provides support through a grant process structured in five stages, which correspond to the different phases of conceiving, validating, and deploying an innovation.

Acting as leverage for scale

FID supports the expansion of emerging or growing innovations by supporting the scaling up of proven solutions.

Ville avec un pontVille avec un pont

Encouraging innovation wherever it comes from

FID accepts applications from all types of organisations. Only projects led by individuals or multilateral organisations are not eligible to apply.

Homme qui regarde un drone dans le cielHomme qui regarde un drone dans le ciel

Our results

Key figures

  • 2700

    applications received since the opening of the call for proposals

  • 61

    innovative projects funded since 2021

  • 31M €

    committed by FID since 2021

  • 60%

    of projects funded in FID’s priority sectors: climate, gender, education, health

The projects

61supported innovations

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Drone technology to accelerate mangrove restoration in Ghana



Pousse d'un arbre dans une mangrove au Ghana

Learning in crisis: A tailored emotional management curriculum for students in Niger



Une école au Niger vue du ciel

Insecticidal paints as a new malaria control tool in Tanzania



Vue d'une ville en Tanzanie

A progressive property taxation scheme for greater tax equity in the DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democracy and Governance

Photo aérienne dans le Kasai central

A monitoring and evaluation system to help develop more effective educational programmes in Morocco



Enseignant dans une classe

An embedded evidence lab to improve the reach of social protection programs in Togo


Democracy and Governance

In Tanzania, helping the farming community adapt its practices to climate change



Paysage en Tanzanie avec des montagnes et des champs

Distribution HIV self-testing kits to improve access to testing in Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire


Homme fermant un tube contenant du sang

Latest news

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An event to celebrate FID's growth

16 février 2024

Job offer: Investment officer  - Impact evaluation expert

13 février 2024

Tontines in Cameroon: “The idea for TontineRe first came about from a feeling that we needed to address a form of mass social injustice and offer social protection to the most vulnerable people”  

Projects funded by FID

13 novembre 2023

Un homme tend un coupon à un homme assis

“Stigma surrounding mental health further prevents people from seeking help"

Projects funded by FID

09 octobre 2023

A young woman discussing with people

FID at the Collège de France: "Placing evidence and innovation at the heart of development policy"


25 juillet 2023

Juliette Seban lors de la session FID au Collège de France

FID's event in Rabat: "Encouraging innovation to transform public policy"


24 juillet 2023

Les intervenant.e.s à l'événement du FID à Rabat devant un slide du FID

Summer school 2023: "The summer school enabled us to enhance our knowledge of impact"


13 juillet 2023

intervention de l'Ambassadeur de France au Maroc

IFAD Innovation Day: "Facilitating links between research and innovation"


10 juillet 2023

Retransmission de l'événement sur un écran

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