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Our approach

A new mechanism for financing development projects

Our approach

Impact evaluation to support innovation

« There are many promising ideas, policies and programmes that can reduce poverty, but we can only identify which ones actually work by rigorously testing them.

Developing on how these ideas can work at different scales and in different contexts can help us learn from experience and develop sustainable solutions that are ready to be generalised. Innovation can bring about transformation, but it is a process that requires multiple steps and flexible funding to achieve its potential. »

Esther Duflo - Development economist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019 and Chairperson of FID Board

The projects

FID's funding priorities

  • Condition 1

    Priority sectors

    FID funds projects in all sectors but gives priority to proposals in education, health, climate and gender equality.

  • Condition 2

    Priority areas

    FID is open to all types of innovations deployed in low and middle income countries. It gives priority to the least favoured and most marginalised territories and populations.

  • Condition 3

    Eligible structures

    All types of organisations can apply, either independently or as part of a consortium: research institutions, governments, NGOs, private companies, universities etc. Only projects led by individuals or multilateral organisations are not eligible to apply.

Our Vision

  • Our vision

    Opening up access to experimentation

    FID is a unique opportunity for many organisations, particularly in low and middle income countries. It helps to overcome the lack of public and private resources dedicated to innovation and experimentation, to conduct a proof of concept and to encourage subsequent investment.

  • Our vision

    Sharing progress

    FID-funded projects and studies generate knowledge and learning. FID aims to share them with development and research stakeholders.

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5 grant stages

FID supports selected innovations through 5 phases associated with funding stages (explore the Call for proposals guide).

  • Grant of up to €50 000 to prepare for a pilot in real conditions or for an impact evaluation depending on the progress of the project.

    At the end of the prepare grant, applicants are invited to position themselves for a stage 1 or stage 2 grant.

  • Grant of up to €200 000 to implement an innovation in real life conditions.

  • Grants of up to €1.5 million to fund the experimentation and impact evaluation of innovations that have already been piloted to transition them to scale.

  • Grant of up to €4 million to support the scaling-up of innovations whose impact has already been demonstrated. More details

  • Grant of up to €500 000 to develop governments' capacity to integrate evidence-based innovations into public policy.

    There are two types of TPP projects:

    • Institutionalizing specific, mature evidence-based innovations with demonstrated cost-effectiveness and scalability into public policies at large scale.
    • Strengthening the capacity of low- and middle-income governments to design, test, pilot, and/or scale evidence-based innovations.

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