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Funding for innovative projects: drafting a successful application

  • Get informed:


    Find out about the different stages of FID funding

  • Prepare your application:


    Learn about the selection process and prepare your application

  • Submit your application:


    Apply online via the application portal using the information you already prepared


How to respond effectively to our call for projects

What you need to do

Would you like to obtain financial support from FID? Before drafting your application, verify your eligibility and that the progress of your project is in line with our funding methods and evaluation criteria. Our call for projects is open all year round. You can work on your application in a collaborative way and come back to it several times to optimise and finalise your application.

  • Funding methodology


    The different stages of funding. The corresponding grant amounts.

    Explanations in video

  • Selection procedures


    The 3 selection criteria used. Their degree of requirement based on the funding stage. Read our Call for proposals guide.

  • Building your application


    Uploading documents and preparing your application. Submitting your application on our application portal.

  • Agenda


    Would you like to discuss something with us? Join our next Q&A session.

2 cases of ineligibility for our funding

FID supports a wide variety of innovation teams and projects. Before applying, however, check that you do not fall into any of the following cases:

  • You are not eligible if you are applying on behalf of a public multilateral and international institution.

  • You are not eligible if you are applying as an individual*

(*Applications must be made on behalf of an established organisation. )

Evaluation of projects

3 evaluation criteria

  • Condition 1

    Potential of Impact

    At each stage of the project, you must present a theory of change that justifies how and why the proposed activities are likely to generate a positive impact. This must be based on rigorous, scientifically established evidence of impact that supports the hypotheses, as well as a clear strategy for collecting evidence of impact during implementation.

  • Condition 2


    You must demonstrate that your innovation is capable of delivering better results at a lower cost or more efficiently than existing alternatives to address the targeted development challenge.

  • Condition

    Scaling up and financial sustainability

    You will be asked to demonstrate the feasibility of scaling up your innovation by clarifying the appropriate and necessary resources and commitments.

Useful resources

Your application documents:

  • The Call for Applications guide:

    All the useful information on our call for applications procedure in one place. Please read it carefully before applying.

    The Call for Applications Guide
  • The application form:

    Our application form is available in Word format. Please consult it to find out what documents you need to provide.

    Application Form
  • The budget template:

    "A synthetic budget template, by activity, in Excel format. To be downloaded, completed and attached to the online form."

    Budget Template (XLS)

Financing development projects: 5 key stages

The selection criteria change depending on the stage of funding.

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  • Stage 0

    Stage 0: Preparation grant | Up to 50 000 EUR

    Identify the relevant funding stage at the end of the Preparation Grant (stage 1 or 2). The selection criteria applied depends on the stage of funding targeted at the end of the Preparation Grant.


    This funding is intended for organisations from one of the countries eligible for official development assistance.

  • Stage 1

    Stage 1: Pilot | Up to 200 000 EUR

    Evidence of impact: have a solid theory of change on the potential of the innovation to generate a positive impact.

    Cost-effectiveness: explain the cost-effectiveness from a scaling-up perspective.

    Scaling up: identify the potential for impact on a larger number of people in the context of scaling up, and the levers to achieve this.

  • Stage 2

    Stage 2: Test and preparation for scaling up | Up to 1 500 000 EUR

    Evidence of impact: present a sound methodology to evaluate the impact of the project.

    Cost-effectiveness: prove the cost-effectiveness or present a methodology for conducting this analysis.

    Scaling up: present an action plan for scaling up the innovation and a sound methodology for demonstrating the impact of the project.

  • Stage 3

    Stage 3: Scaling up | Up to 4 000 000 EUR

    Evidence of impact: provide rigorous evidence of the impact of the innovation including a credible demonstration that this impact would not have been achieved without the intervention.

    Cost-effectiveness: demonstrate cost-effectiveness through a documented case study in comparison with existing alternatives.

    Scaling up: demonstrate evidence of sustainability and impact at large scale.

    Read more

  • TPP

    Transformation of public policies | Up to 500 000 EUR

    Evidence of impact: establish a robust theory of change on the ability of activities to generate substantial improvements in the lives of the most vulnerable.

    Cost-effectiveness: demonstrate the implementation of activities leading to economies of scale for public policies.

    Scaling up: demonstrate the sustainability of the activities after the funding ends.


    Note : the eligibility of applications at this stage is conditional on the partnership with a public stakeholder in the project.

Do you have any questions about funding?

  • Nationality information collected in the application is for informational purposes only. Applicants may be of any nationality; there are no restrictions on the origin or location of the applicant or applicant organization. Please note, FID does not accept applications from individuals without a supporting organization.

  • No, public international and multilateral institutions are ineligible for funding (United Nations and Related Organizations, Funds and Programs & International Financial Institutions).

Project selection

Your selection process in 4 steps

You can submit your proposal via the online call for applications at any time of year. FID reviews applications at regular intervals as they are received.

The application selection process consists of four stages:

  • Via the application portal only. If your application is eligible, the FID team will examine it in line with the 3 selection criteria, and will provide an initial response within approximately 3 months.

  • If your application is shortlisted after the initial review, it enters a collaborative review: the FID team gathers additional information and documents from project stakeholders and mobilizes specific external expertise to better understand its potential with regard to the 3 selection criteria.

  • If your application successfully goes through the collaborative review stage, it is submitted to the Review Committee made up of qualified individuals, who make their recommendations on the funding decision.

  • If your application is approved by the Review Committee, your project undergoes in-depth due diligence to ensure that it meets compliance requirements. The decision to allocate funds is based on the Review Committee's opinion and the results of the due diligence.

Your Project

Would you like to submit a project?

Our call for proposals is open throughout the year. You can apply at any time, work collaboratively and come back to your file as much as necessary.

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