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Learning in crisis: A tailored emotional management curriculum for students in Niger

Progress stage
Jul 2023 to Jul 2024
  • Niger
  • Education
  • Jul 2023 to Jul 2024

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) builds on its social-emotional learning (SEL) program to launch a new contextualized pilot project in Nigerien schools. FID funding allows IRC to adapt this curriculum to the particularly sensitive context of Niger for the benefit of the students.

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Une école au Niger vue du cielUne école au Niger vue du ciel


Niger is exposed to climatic, health and economic shocks that affect its development trajectory. Growing internal insecurity and regional political instability are fueling social tensions and impacting educational opportunities and learning conditions. ** In crisis or emergency situations, psychosocial well-being is an important precursor to learning.** As such, it is essential for academic success and has a major impact on the future prospects of children and, beyond, societies. Research shows that social-emotional learning (SEL) programs have a greater impact on children who experience many recurring stressors.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), a pioneer in the development of SEL materials (recognizing and managing emotions, coping with stress, problem solving) in emergency situations, has conducted studies that show that to be relevant, these materials must be adapted to the local culture and context.


IRC in partnership with Grade Africa, a Nigerien research organization, is developing contextualized SEL educational material to facilitate its appropriation and implementation by teachers in formal schools in Diffa.

FID supports preliminary research activities to identify and understand local needs and existing practices in children's social and emotional development, through interviews and focus group discussions with different stakeholders in the learning and skills acquisition process.

Following a holistic approach, the project will involve the regional services of the Ministry of Primary Education, Literacy, National Language Promotion and Civic Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Women's Promotion and Child Protection.

Two development workshops of co-design and prototype will be organized. Teachers will test the activities in their classrooms and will be trained to use the new developed tools.

Expected results

  • Development of a SEL program, that integrates practices adapted to the Nigerien context and to Diffa in particular.
  • Modelling of the SEL program by teachers and school administrators throughout their teaching practices.
  • In the longer-term, the dissemination of the SEL framework allows teachers deliver quality instruction and create supportive classroom environments that are gender-sensitive, responsive to the SEL needs of children and youth in conflict and crisis settings.
Une école au Niger
International Rescue Committee

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is an NGO responding to the world’s humanitarian crises. As part of this project, IRC works in partnership with Grade Africa, a Nigerien Research Center that leads social science research and action in Niger.


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