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A classroom program in India aimed at improving students' well-being for better academic outcomes

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Nov 2023 to Oct 2024
  • India
  • Education
  • Nov 2023 to Oct 2024

Labhya, in partnership with the Tripura Government, is offering a learning program aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of students from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds across North East India. FID funding seeks to understand the potential impact of this program on students’ academic performance and overall social-emotional development.

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Enfants dans une salle de classeEnfants dans une salle de classe


In India, the prevalence of mental health issues among students is a pressing concern.Studies indicate that one in four Indians aged 13-15 experiences depression(Llamba 2020; Thomas 2020). The ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 have only exacerbated this issue, leading to a reported 20% increase in mental illnesses (Thomas 2020).

This heightened vulnerability has strong implications for social-emotional well-being and, consequently, educational and economic outcomes (Currie and Stabile 2007).

In classrooms, poor mental health can lead to lower academic performance, but focusing on students' social and emotional needs through programs can possibly generate gain on both well-being and students’ learning outcomes.

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Based on this hypothesis, Labhya co-created the ‘Saharsh Curriculum’ along with the government of Tripura, a holistic school-based learning program. A daily well-being class ‘Saharsh’ has been seamlessly integrated into the existing curriculum and school day. It incorporates mindfulness sessions, reflective stories, and engaging activities that aim to address the broader aspects of students’ overall well-being.

The objective of this initiative is to foster lifelong learning skills, particularly focusing on the social and emotional aspects for elementary school students.

FID’s funding will enable Labhya to implement and gather data on the program’s impact across grades 1-8 in public schools of Tripura, catering to the most socio-economically disadvantaged families during the 2023-2024 school year.

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Expected results

This study aims to:

  • Understand the impact of the program on students’ social and emotional well-being.
  • Measure the Saharsh Curriculum’s influence on students’ academic performance, learning motivation, and attendance.
  • Assess whether the program contributes uniquely to the child’s holistic development as compared to the traditional classroom setups.
  • Explore teachers’ perceptions of the curriculum and mental health, along with strategies to enhance their understanding and support.

After testing the program in the specific reality, the impact could be scaled across India. It would enable over 100 million students in government elementary schools to improve their learning skills. contributing to their development throughout their lives.

Enfants dans une salle de classe


Labhya is an indian nonprofit organization dedicated to institutionalizing programs that improve the quality of education and well-being for children.


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