How to apply



FID accepts applications at any point throughout the year. All applications must be submitted through the online portal. FID will review applications as they are received. The application review process includes three core steps:

  1. Initial online application: Applicants will submit a short initial application through FID’s online portal, in either English or French. FID staff will reviews these according to our evaluation criteria.
  2. Shortlisting and additional information gathering: Applicants whose applications pass the initial screening will be invited to the next stage of application review, during which Fund staff may, for example: ask follow-up questions; request additional documentation on specific issues; speak with partners on the proposal; and interact with external experts in the relevant sectors, in the local context, or with technical expertise to provide input on the application. During this process, FID staff may provide feedback to the applicant on their proposal or request edits to the submitted application.
  3. Review Committee: Final recommendations for funding decisions on applications will be made by a “Review Committee” of qualified experts.


Evaluation criteria

  1. Innovation: A clear explanation of the innovation and how it addresses the problem. The aim is to explain how the problem impacts people’s lives and how solving this problem would alleviate poverty or inequality, based on clear and quantifiable data.
  2. Evidence of Impact: A credible theory of change that draws upon existing evidence and an appropriate evaluation methodology to assess the developmental impacts of the innovation.
  3. Cost and Potential for Cost-effectiveness: A credible justification and stage-appropriate assessment that the innovation can achieve better results than alternative solutions to solve the problem, at a lower cost or more efficiently. This justification will be based on an explanation of the costs of the innovation and an analysis of expected changes to these costs over time.
  4. Scale and Financial Sustainability: An assessment of the innovation’s potential for scaling-up over time. This involves understanding the appropriate and necessary resources and resource commitments to support the long-term financial sustainability of the innovation at scale.
  5. Implementation: An assessment of the applicant organization’s plan to successfully execute the project, and conduct technical and operational viability tests, with a clear justification for the amount of funding requested.
  6. Project Team: An assessment of the team’s capacity to successfully execute the project, and its understanding of the local context(s), anticipated implementation challenges and barriers to success. FID will also assess the distribution of roles within the team and the commitment of their partners.

Please note, these criteria are summarized.


Please prepare to submit your application by downloading and reviewing the files below:

  • The application form which includes all the questions you will be asked in the online form.

Please note that you will have to submit the online form in one session. FID encourages applicants to complete this word version prior to starting the online submission.

Please complete the application form to the end and validate it.