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Job offer: Investment officer  - Impact evaluation expert

Article by L'équipe du FID

13 February 2024

FID is recruiting an Investment officer - Impact evaluation expert.

What will be your role?

You will be in charge of prospecting, appraising, analyzing the terms and conditions of financing, and monitoring projects funded by FID.

Your responsibilities will include:

1. Review of project proposals and funding recommendations

  • Identification of innovative interventions in the fight against poverty and inequality:
  • Reviewing applications for FID funding, submitted via the call for projects, which is open year-round.
  • Collaborative review: collection and synthesis of additional information on the most promising proposals, including exchanges with the candidate teams, detailed analysis of additional documents (evaluation protocol, monitoring plan, etc.) and identification of external experts for advice.
  • Contributing to the preparation of the documentation and its presentation to the FID's governing bodies (Review Committee & Board of Directors).

2. Project Portfolio Management

  • Integrating selected projects into FID’s portfolio, monitoring activities and providing technical support to grantees as needed:
  • Integrating grantees into FID’s portfolio and being their primary point of contact.
  • Working with grantees to define objectives and milestones, preparing funding agreements, and collecting necessary documents.
  • Monitoring projects in the portfolio from an administrative point of view (payments, audits, amendments, compilation and update of compliance files, awarding of contracts, etc.) in liaison with cross-functional departments, as well as from a technical point of view (deliverables, missions, collaboration with other donors, etc.).
  • Coordinating the data collection of performance indicators from project teams in line with the FID performance framework, and promoting project learning in collaboration with the FID communications officer.
  • Identifying opportunities for technical assistance, partnership development, and complementary funding to support the scale up of FID innovations with the greatest potential.

3.Strengthening the FID team on impact evaluation

  • Supporting other team members in reviewing projects that include impact evaluations, discussing research results, and supporting their dissemination.
  • Contributing to the development of tools, training, events, and support to strengthen the FID team and the project teams funded by FID to carry out impact evaluations.

4.Cross-functional activities

  • Contributing to the development of partnerships and communication activities.
  • Maintaining an active oversight of new dynamics, literature, and emerging issues in development.
  • Participating in strategic thinking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of FID's internal processes.
  • Participation in cross-functional reflection linked to the consolidation of FID practices in a context of growth and to the positioning of FID in the ecosystem of innovation in the fight against poverty and inequality.
  • You may also be involved in coordinating and facilitating the selection process, in collaboration with the operational management officer.

Who are we looking for?

1. Desired Skills:

  • You have at least 5 years of professional experience.
  • You have solid experience in impact evaluation and development economics (e.g., implementation of randomized controlled trials or other experimental approaches applied to development economics research) and, as such, you know how to assess the quality of an evaluation design or discuss evaluation results.
  • You have strong expertise and proven international experience in selecting, implementing, deploying, and monitoring research and/or projects in low- and middle-income countries.
  • You are familiar with project cycle procedures and the structuring of donor funding.
  • You have advanced data analysis skills and experience in writing academic publications; you are proficient in data analysis software (Stata, R).
  • You have excellent writing and communication skills for building partnerships and communicating with large and diverse audiences, both in writing and orally.
  • Technical expertise in the agricultural sector, which makes up a large part of the application inflow, or in cross-cutting issues related to climate change would be an asset.
  • Experience of working in at least one developing country, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, would be appreciated.

2. Human/Relational Qualities:

  • You are recognized for your rigor and your ability to synthesize information.
  • You have a spirit of initiative and a sense of teamwork, enabling you to be autonomous in your work, make proposals, and integrate into a team while respecting the diversity of working methods and personalities.
  • You are responsive and a good listener, with excellent analytical skills and the ability to adapt to changing situations and schedules.
  • You have a good sense of priorities or the ability to be reactive and are capable of managing agendas with multiple objectives and numerous deadlines, adjusting your workload by strategically prioritizing activities.

3. Education/Diploma Level:

  • Master's/Doctorate level degree in development economics.

4. Languages:

  • You are perfectly fluent in English and French (written and oral).

Which team will you join?

You will be part of a small but fast-growing team! You will be in charge of prospecting, appraising, analyzing the terms and conditions of financing, and monitoring projects funded by FID. Through flexible grant funding, the fund enables innovators and researchers to test new ideas, build rigorous evidence of what works, and scale the highest-impact and most cost-effective solutions. The objective is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality by using a rigorous scientific approach to experimentation and impact evaluation. FID accepts applications from nearly any type of applicant (research institutions, governments or public agencies; NGOs; and for-profit organizations). The FID team is currently composed of 12 employees.

To apply, go to the AFD group platform

Article by L'équipe du FID

13 February 2024

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