Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to FID

What is the deadline for applying for a grant?

FID will accept applications under this Call for Proposals at any point throughout the year; there is no deadline to submit your application.
Is it possible to discuss my application prior to submission?
FID can answer your questions about the application process at However, due to the large number of applications we receive, we will not be able to discuss your specific application until we receive an application and start the appraisal process. Applications must be submitted through the online portal: In the interest of fairness, we cannot consider applications submitted outside of this process.

Is it possible to submit more than one application per organization?

Applicants can only submit one initial application for each project, but an organization may submit more than one application at a time if each application is for a different project.

How long does FID take to respond to an application?

FID will aim to review, make a decision on, and notify you of our decision on the initial application within approximately 2 months of receipt of your application. You will receive updates about your application from, so please ensure this email address is added to your contact list.


Eligibility criteria of FID

Which countries are eligible for FID funding?

FID funds initiatives in all low- and middle-income countries, regardless of the nationality and origin of the innovators, researchers and organizations.

Which types of organizations are eligible for FID?

FID accepts applications from nearly any type of applicant, independently or in partnership with others, including: research institutes and institutions of higher education; governments or public agencies; non-governmental organizations; and private, for-profit companies.
Only individuals applying independently and public international and multilateral institutions are ineligible for funding.
FID accepts applications for funding from innovators and researchers of all nationalities living in all geographies.

Are international and multilateral institutions eligible for FID funding?

No, international and multilateral institutions are ineligible for funding (United Nations and Related Organizations, Funds and Programs & International Financial Institutions).

Can a project obtain funding from Stage 1, 2 or 3 without having obtained FID funding for a prior stage?

It is possible to apply for Stage 1, 2 or 3 funding, provided that the conditions of the previous stage are met before applying, even if this phase of their development was supported by another source of funding. For example, you may apply to FID for Stage 3 funding without having received Stage 2 funding from FID, however you must have completed Stage 2-equivalent activities, such as conducting a rigorous impact evaluation or determining cost-effectiveness of your innovation.


FID evaluation criteria

What are FID’s core principles and assessment criteria?

FID assesses every application against three core criteria:

  1. Rigorous evidence of impact on improving the lives of people living in poverty;
  2. Cost-effectiveness of the innovation in improving development outcomes; and
  3. Potential for scale and sustainability.

Innovations are assessed based on their demonstrated record of and potential for achieving each of these criteria.


Operation of FID

How to join the FID team?

We will post any available openings on our website.